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     Mark R. Carter, Ph.D. (Artistic & Managing Director) co-stars in the upcoming feature film Don't Help Me!  by Mystic Bison Films(TM). He has appeared in the plays, Purgatorio, ,Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Murder at the Howard Johnson's Play It Again, Sam and Death and the Maiden produced by Mystic Bison Theatre, in the films Variation, Corporate Playground, and Hell's Edge, and on San Francisco Bay Area television.  In its review of Death and the Maiden, the EastBay Voice said that he "[gave] an outstanding performance as Gerardo Escobar", one of the most difficult roles in modern drama. He studied acting for several years with Jean Shelton, the premier acting teacher in the United States. He is generally regarded as one of her all-time best students.  He also studied with Chris Phillips and Felecia Faulkner of the Jean Shelton Actors Lab and Ed Hooks. Having trained extensively in dance primarily with Lisa Burnett and John Prinz and in choreography with Ralph Lemon, Della Davidson and Margaret Jenkins. Mark danced professionally with Tony Kramer. He has studied Spanish, Latin, French, and German and is an accent specialist. Mark is a graduate of both Harvard and Stanford Universities. Stanford awarded him his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics. He returned to acting, completed his training with Jean Shelton, and formed Mystic Bison Theatre and Dance near the end of a several years long recuperation from severe whiplash neck injuries caused by two drivers who fell asleep. Occasionally he teaches acting in addition to performing. His voice-over artist work has aired on San Francisco Bay Area radio. He currently heads the Washington, DC Chapter of Harvardwood and studies law part-time at the Georgetown University Law Center. Check out Barbara Brewer's interview of Mark at her  San Francisco Theatre Scene blog.  In addition to acting, he is a musician who occasionally writes reviews.  Check out his amplifier review at He can be reached at  (Photography by Suzanne Bernel.)

(NOTE: Dr. Carter has occasionally been confused with a few other "Mark Carter's." He spent most of his youth in Miami, Florida. Although he competed as a bodybuilder and powerlifter prior to the whiplash, he never held a world record.  He plays blues-rock guitar not jazz.  He also should not to be confused with the Seattle-based theatre and film director. He has never lived in Louisiana or Texas, has never worked for the federal government, and has never designed a video game.)

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